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Serrapeptase Introduction

Welcome to We aim to provide you with lots of detailed information about Serrapeptase. Originally from the Silkworm, Serrapeptase is natures own anti-inflammatory enzyme. Serrapeptase is commonly known as the second gift from the Silkworm! Now it may be possible for you to improve your health, thanks to the amazing silkworm and the pain relieving miracle enzyme that is Serrapeptase!

In these times, it's tough for anybody to stop for a moment and analyze how much they have become dependent on prescription drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen for their pain relieving needs. Nobody has the time to think what these over-the-counter drugs are doing to their health. It's not that there is any shortage of healthier alternatives, it's just that nobody concerns himself or herself about the potential side effects of such drugs. When they do realize, it often becomes too late. Serrapeptase is one of the healthier options, which is not only beneficial for headaches or pain in any other parts of the body, and Serrapeptase is also a very effective remedy for inflammation and reducing swelling and scar tissue.

Serrapeptase is a bioactive enzyme produced by a special class of bacteria known as enterobacterium Serratia. Originally found in silkworm intestines, the basic function of Serrapeptase or serratiopeptidase as it is also known, is to help the moth in dissolving its cocoon. However, in alternative medicine, Serrapeptase is viewed as a wonder product and an effective remedy for many types of pain and inflammatory problems. How does Serrapeptase or Serraenzyme accomplish the task of relieving one from pain and inflammation so effectively? Here, you will find all the serrapeptase info you need. If you are also wondering about this question then let's try to find out the real truth about Serrapeptase and how it works. The answer lies in the biochemical structure of Serrapeptase and related products.

Serrapeptase is also a form of proteolytic enzyme. Apart from breaking down the proteins into amino acids, proteolytic enzymes are also found to have anti-inflammatory properties. Now the anti-inflammatory properties of Serrapeptase, which is also a proteolytic enzyme, are many times superior to that of proteolytic enzymes found in the human body. Apart from pain, people use anti-inflammation drugs for a healthy cardiovascular system. However, the usual NSAID's drugs come with the potential side effects, and that's why they are not recommended, except in some really extreme cases. Whereas Serrapeptase is a natural enzyme with zero side effects and it is found to be very effective for the circulation and a perfect remedy for sinus problems, diabetes and of course with the usual benefits of relieving pain.

There is a world of difference when you heal with the help of drugs, and when you heal naturally. When you are getting healed with the drugs, your immune system has a very little role to play in the healing process. However, on the other hand, when you use natural products to get healed naturally, your immune system has a much bigger role to play there. Natural products, such as Serrapeptase, work by strengthening the immune system, to enable it to fight with the infection, pain or inflammation.

Serrapeptase is also very helpful for people suffering from the respiratory tract problems or infections, and there are numerous testimonials to this. In people suffering from bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis or it may be any pulmonary disease, serrapeptase is found to be a very effective remedy. In short, Serrapeptase and other related products such as Serranol, Serraplus (Serra Plus), Serrapet (Serra Pet) and Blockbuster AllClear can help you to feel more vibrant and alive. Considering the overall Serrapeptase benefits for our health, there is no surprise when this enzyme was also found to be beneficial for healing wounds and in recovery from surgery.

If you think you are missing your dose of good health, then always remember that it's never too late to incorporate healthier habits into your lifestyle. Serrapeptase is available in capsule or tablet form and has proved to be one of the most useful health products for the health conscious individual. Blockbuster Allclear, which contains Nattokinase, is one of the most popular brands of all the Serrapeptase products. The main benefit of the capsules is that there is a special coating over them that prevent the enzymes from getting released in the stomach and enzymes only get released in intestines, for the maximum benefits.

If you would prefer to go directly to our Serrapeptase shop, please click here. Serrapeptase is available in several different products which include Serraenzyme, Serranol, Serrapet, Serraplus and Blockbuster Allclear, which includes Nattokinase.

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Serrapeptase Information


October 25, 2016
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